Bolivian women golfers

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An unusual golfing tale from the Andes, where local ‘cholitas’ have gone from mowing the greens to ruling the fairways….

Payge ryder cup 2012

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PAYGE ryder cup 2012 with workers from scottish gas at Gifford Golf Course…

Funny charles barkley’s golf swing

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If you watch carefully, you’ll notice Barkley pauses for a little bit before he hits the ball…

Tiger woods pga tour 13 – duel of the masters

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WATCH the Making of this Video: Tweet This: – Like us: Witness the ultimate duel between Tiger “Crimson Cat” and Shaquille “Swinging Giant” O’Neal. Watch as they do battle for swing supremacy using the newest weapon — Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on the Kinect. It’s golf meets kung fu meets awesome. EA SPORTS. It’s in the game. Tiger Wo…

Lego mini golf

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Two men have a heated game of mini golf. Let’s just hope they can keep their cool……

Spectator shouts mashed potatoes *best audio quality*

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Another reasonable replacement for “get in the hole” after a Tiger Woods drive….

Funny golf club commercial

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Funny wall of balls. Happy Holidays from…

Swingbox ? is the world’s best and smallest golf indoor practice

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No funny editing. Clock shows time as the fifty or so golf balls are hit. It has a very small footprint and its small size allows golf practice almost anywhere one can comfortably swing a golf club. It can be used almost anywhere a typical golf net is used and more!!…

Shane special tiger woods quits golf for hip hop!

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In a shock turnaround Tiger Woods has given up Golf for Hip Hop! He will now be known as “T Diddy” President Obama’s Health Reform Bill applauded by Illegal Immigrants Of America Spokesperson….

Funny commercial: oceana golf club

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Steve is played by Mathew Beckholt in this silly interpretation of golf at its finest…

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