Golf course or intercourse?

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Some men think that given the choice, their women would rather let them play golf than have early morning s*x. Let’s just see if that’s true……

Jake vs varmint – episode 5 – comics open funny golf video

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Jake does what a golfer must do when he discovers this pesky varmint having his way on his favorite Par 3 hole. The varmint symbolizes disorder in a game that requires perfection. And so Jake does what any golfer (public or private membership course) would do to protect the sanctity of the course, and the good order of the game….

The crash – episode 4

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Milt’s new golf gadget takes an already bad drive and makes it catastrophic. The Federal Golf Agency, once again, must intervene in order to restore the peace….

The funeral – episode 3

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Milt stands by his new edict once again – “No BALL LEFT BEHIND”. This time he drops one in on a funeral. His intrusion causes an interesting reaction from the grieving widow……