The Brains(?) Behind the TournamentBack in 2001, a bunch of friends (12) from The Butler Creek subdivision in Northwest Cobb County got together the day before Father’s Day to play a round of golf. Now, we all knew that all the wives wouldn’t mind that we were going to play golf because it was the day before Father’s Day and that was what we all wanted to do for this holiday.

Each year word got around that we were playing golf on the Saturday before Father’s Day, and other’s from our subdivision wanted to join us, thus another foursome and another and so forth.

In 2004 Mike Glancy of Allstate Agency of Kennesaw and I got this idea.” Why not each year play for fun and donate any remaining money left over from the players to a Children’s Charity”. So this is how we started, Mike and I would go to different establishments, like restaurants, and other service related organizations and ask for a free gift certificate for a dinner or maybe tickets to a ball game. This worked well, that first year of our idea we were able to muster up $300.00 in which we donated to The Children’s Make A Wish Foundation of Georgia.

In 2005 we had forty players in ten groups playing, and around 52 prizes. That year we had more prizes  then players, so what we did was auction off all the remaining prizes to the highest bidder. That year we made $750.00 and donated that money to a worthy family in The St. Catherine’s Church community again at Christmas time.

In 2006, we had a record of forty three players in eleven groups. We again were very successful and that year it was Mike Glancy’s choice to donate the amount of $750.00 to The Must Ministries of Marietta Ga. Also I was saddened when Mr. Glancy retired gracefully from helping out The Mayor’s Tournament.

In 2007 even thought there were many roadblocks ahead of us, with inflation high, jobs being lost, and a drop in attendance due to our economy, I made the decision to keep the tournament going. We had thirty one players in eight group and had a ball. We were able to collect $500.00 and donated this money to The Empty Stocking Fund.

This great organization helps needy children who only have one parent, this parent also has to make under $17,600 per year to receive this benefit. The reason behind picking this organization was because it gave a toy on Christmas to a child who wouldn’t be able to receive one on Christmas Day .

This will be our eighth year and I am looking forward to your help in making this the best year yet.