Jubilee Seafood

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For years the Don has been traveling to Montgomery, AL on business and for some reason never had the opportunity to visit one of Montgomery’s great little eating establishments.

Some a you guy’s may have heard of it. It’s called Jubilee’s Seafood and it’s just a stone’s throw from downtown Montgomery (2.1 miles from The Montgomery Downtown Marriott Renaissance where the “Don” sleeps).

What captured me most about this restaurant was the location. Normally not a big fan of liberal sections of cities packed with pedestrians waving their “alternative lifestyles” in my face, this somewhat little, shall I call it “eclectic” section of town, was actually refreshing, almost hidden away.

Upon entering, the place had a very “old-school” feel to it. Fifty year old white haired men with their fifty year old wives who were very preppy but starting to show the years on their faces, but one could tell they were “hot” in their day. Heck, the Don would throw them his bone today if it wasn’t for the Ten Comandments. No fancy décor here, an old 70s era bar with plastic linoleum floors and metal chairs and cheap tables.

Obviously the place specializes in seafood, specifically many different types of fish. I had a swordfish that was out of this world. They deliver the fish entrees with a kind of sauce/salsa on top composed of tomatoes, onions and cilantro I think it was, which when shoveled into my mouth with the fish was fantastic.

I ordered the Key Lime pie for dessert. I can’t write about how good it was because there are no words that could describe it (ed. note: but the Don goes on to do just that…)! If you stop and imagine key lime pie in your mind’s eye, and do it correctly, your tongue and mouth should make that tart taste funny formation with your lips, well magnify that look my ten and you will imagine the look I had after the first bite.

As any regular reader knows, the “Don” is huge on service. The “Don” puts in 18 hour days, so when he dines he does not like lines, having to call waiters, and any attitude whatsoever! The “Don” works hard and plays harder, so when he spends his money dining out, his drink will never be close to empty or heads will roll. My evening at Jubilee’s my refreshment of choice was beer. Beer is pretty simple but you would be amazed how many establishments screw it up. It has to be cold, real cold, especially in the summer, and don’t make me wait for the next one. Jubilee’s did it right! On time and cold!

Definitely worth the trip if you are ever in Montgomery. Price was on target also.

Jubilee Seafood
1057 Woodley Road
Montgomery, AL 36106