Whiplash and Your Golf Swing

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Can Whiplash Cause Problems In The Future?

There you are, sitting stopped at a stop light thinking about what a hacker you are when all of a sudden, “crash,” the driver behind you barrels in to your car not even realizing that you were stopped.

You are taken to the hospital and treated with the ”typical” care given to a patient under these very same circumstances complete with X-rays, muscle relaxers, and pain killers.  What most health care providers don’t tell you and many times don’t realize themselves is that the real damage caused by whiplash injury may take months sometimes years to surface, and when it does, it can be quite serious, even debilitating.

Sadly they won’t tell you that you’ll never shoot in the 70′s either.

A ”whiplash” injury occurs when there is a sudden back and forth “whipping” movement of the neck commonly associated with rear-end automobile collisions.  The result of which can cause sprain/strain or excessive stretching of ligaments, tendons, and muscles that provide proper range of motion in the neck.  Weakening and most times changing the structure of your neck.  This will cause pressure on and tightening of the aforementioned supportive structures in the neck.  Later, causing degeneration in Bone structure and eventually degenerative disc disease or possibly arthritis if not cared for.

This can all be avoided with proper chiropractic adjustments that begin following the injury.

Many people think that because they don’t feel any pain following the accident that they have come out of it “unscathed.”  Well, when something like that occurs, your body’s nervous system is designed to provide “emergency support.”  Meaning it will do whatever is necessary to stabilize an area by promoting swelling, hypertonicity of muscles, etc.  But, what happens when your body (nervous system) calms down?  Months go by, sometimes years, and you begin to experience symptoms of extreme neck pain, numbness and tingling down the arm(s) and fingers, lack of sleep that all relate to the original ”whiplash” injury.

Why go through it?  Know that when ”whiplash” injuries occur, and a variety of other injuries as well, seeking an extensive chiropractic evaluation and treatment is of paramount importance no matter how minor you may think it is.  Early detection and treatment of the cervical (neck) spine may save you dealing with severe pain and development of more serious conditions in the future.

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