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Greetings Folks!

Godfather has been away a while, but has now returned to my good friend Joe Mantineo’s website with great restaurant reviews for your reading enjoyment.
Godfather recently was overwhelmed by a surprise 50th birthday party thrown in my honor at Cabernet Steakhouse in Alpharetta, GA. This is the Godfather’s kind of place. Of course I have been blessed with many friends and it was great to share the mid-century mark with them as such a great eating establishment.
Cabernet overs and masculine dark wood setting with great steak and wine offerings and you can’t help but notice a great cigar humidor in the entrance of the restaurant. Godfather had a bone in filet with family style helpings of asparagus and creamed spinach. Of the many great wine offerings, godfather treated himself to a 1999 Treana Special Reserve red wine, a complex blend of man red grapes from the Los Robles vineyard section of California. Treana is one of the Godfather’s favorite red wines and I am often happy to find it when I can. One slight complaint was the fact that they only had one bottle in their otherwise voluminous wine cellar offerings. Service was good to very good. One disappointing detail was the chairs that we sat in during the birthday celebration in the private room, were very uncomfortable, to the point where the party was making a joke of it. Something simple like chair comfort should not be something the Godfather should be concerned with, especially given his prostate challenges.
All in all, Cabernet Steakhouse earns a strong 7 on Godfather’s 1-10 scale. Bring your heavy wallet as they are shy about fixing chairs but not shy about charging high prices.

Until next time, Forgetabutit Caio’

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