Aaron Rodgers, 2011 Super Bowl MVP, Raised With Chiropractic Care

March 4, 2011 by  

The Green Bay Packers are the 2011 Super Bowl champions. Their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is the game’s MVP. This news has been covered and talked about ever since the conclusion of America’s most popular single sporting event. But what many do not know is that Aaron Rodger’s father, Dr. Edward Rodgers, is a chiropractor.

Many athletes have reported that chiropractic care enables them to perform at a higher level. Aaron Rodgers is yet another example of how chiropractic care creates a situation whereby the athlete’s nervous system can function at a higher level. One can only imaging how much pounding football players take during their careers and the devastating effects this has on their spines and nervous systems if not corrected with chiropractic.

Aaron Rodgers is not alone when it comes to athletes touting the benefits of chiropractic. Over the years, many have stepped forward to testify how chiropractic has helped them. Below are some quotes from athletes who have seen how chiropractic has enhanced their athletic careers.

“The team wasn’t just riders. It was the mechanics, masseurs, chefs, and doctors. But the most important man on the team may have been the chiropractor.” – Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France Champion

“As long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game.”, Tom Brady, New England Patriots, three-time Super Bowl Champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP

“Those are the guys that put me on the field when I didn’t think I had a chance to be on the field. These are professionals, and God put them in my life for a reason.”, Terrell Owens, NFL wide receiver

“I believe in chiropractic, and I know it works. You probably know about my long and successful career in football. I’m flattered by the testimonials to my durability. Football is a very rough and vigorous sport. Chiropractic was the key to keeping me in the game.”, Jerry Rice, wide receiver, three-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP

“Seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer. I’ve been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing”, Tiger Woods, 14 time PGA Championship golfer

“Without chiropractic, I wouldn’t be able to play consistently throughout the season.”, Johnny Damon, MLB center fielder and two-time World Series champion

“You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if you’re not in alignment. And your body can’t heal if your back is not in alignment. Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another. In track and field, it is absolutely essential. Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted.”, Dan O’Brien, Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon

“Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team, the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors.”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia, former governor of California

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