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Godfather had the opportunity to eat in Downtown Nashville the other evening, and selected THE PALM Restaurant, located right across the street from the Nashville hockey arena.  Overall the restaurant was good, but unfortunately, “Oh so typical of high-end chain type steakhouses.  Dark wood, waiters with butcher smocks on with embroidered name on chest, and “good with a joke or to light up your smoke”.  The problem the Godfather has with most of these places is that they love to charge “Cadillac prices” , but don’t love to give “Cadillac Services”.  Great place if you are on an expense account and I think these places know that and cater to that.

When I’m paying 60 plus dollars for a steak and 5 bucks for a coke, I want to be amazed and awestruck by the service!   I want to be serviced in ways I did not think I could be serviced.  Prime example, on this particular evening it was very cold in Nashville, so all of the six gentlemen in our party had to check coats.  At the end of a marathon business dinner, I want to get out of the restaurant.  A place such as the Palm, should have had our coats waiting, but instead we were forced to walk around the restaurant for someone to come help us find and pull our coats.  Even worse we were the last ones to leave so no real excuse for being busy.  After spending a thousand bucks, we were basically told “see ya”get your own coats or figure it out, we know you are on an expense account and from out of town and we get a 100 new suckers in here every night.  One of the wines we were looking forward to was out of stock, just not 5 start quality but rest assured they charge 5 star prices.

Great place to be seen if you’re into that superficial act, location is great.  100 yards from the Nashville strip.  These steakhouses are becoming endless and routine money makers.  Morton’s, Kendrick’s, The Palm, Stoney River, on and on what’s the difference?  Godfather sees none.

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