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Most recently the Godfather’s wife celebrated her 50th Birthday.  Normally the Godfather does not frequent “Southern Country Restaurants”, but given the fact it was the Godfather’s wife’s birthday, an exception was made.  Much to the Godfather’s delight, Milton’s Restaurant in historic Crabapple , GA was a pleasant surprise.  Only opened for dinner 7 days a week, this quaint historic establishment executed many of the “attention to detail” key success factors the Godfather looks for in his dining experience.

The manager/co-owner frequented our table no less than 4 times, spending at least 5-8 minutes during each “check-in”.   As we commented on the age and beauty of what we thought was an old farmhouse the restaurant was housed in, the manager told us the historic background of the building and that it was in fact an old farmhouse owned by Mr. Milton about a mile down the road from its current location where it stands today.  He also fascinated us by telling us that Mr. Milton was actually a very key historic figure because he developed a certain cotton seed hybrid which was deemed more appropriate to produce a stronger more durable cotton.   Another very interesting part about the restaurant is that all of the vegetables and fruit are grown right on the grounds, and picked and sent directly to the Godfather’s table.  This practice is what’s called a seed to table restaurant.  The obvious benefits being healthier food, free of preservatives and better tasting.

The menu consists of classic southern flair, shrimp and grits and many southern cooked fish.  They have a blueberry cobbler that is traditionally warmed with a scoop of ice cream that was for the most part out of this world, but the Godfather would have liked to eat more crust and less of the fruit.  Restrooms and general shape of the restaurant was impeccably and noticeably clean.  Old hundred year old creaky wood floors and as a great touch, black and white photos of farm related instruments and landscaping, added a nice touch.  Class in the windows was the old fashioned kind that waves and is imperfect.  Lots of patio and deck areas and private room for large parties.   Godfather gives Milton in historic Crabapple a 9 on a scale of 10.  Pricing was a bit aggressive for a down economy.

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