Jail House Rock

November 15, 2010 by  

Wow ! A couple of month’s in lockdown solitary confinement and bing!, my picks look as good as any chance of me getting out of jail early. Last time I gave you:
ZOOM bought at 6.75 down to 4.45
LTUM bought at 1.25 down to  .33
TGX   bought at 1.50 down to 1.24
SNV  bought at 3.50 down to 2.05
With picks like that the warden will be putting me in The Black Box. So here are a couple of new picks:
SIRS – watchout this stock could hit 2.00 bu Christmas time.
CRUS – bought at 12.89 up to 13.97 last week
MATA- buy at 14.00 up to 16.00
Well see you next month, maybe I’ll get to go home for the Christmas Season.
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