Drop it you fool!

November 8, 2010 by  

Dear Tony,

After an incredible wayward drive, I approached my ball and realized my shot was close to the driving range. I suddenly imagined myself to be a moving target with an orange cap on my head. I was as scared as eating at Umberto’s in Manhattan, New York during the late eighties. Should I have had gotten a free relief out of that hazardous situation?

                 Wet Pants

Dear Wet Pants,

As an avid golfer in Florida, unda the watchful of hungry gators, I know the pressure of hitting a ball with the fear of death on your mind and getting a good shot off. The rules do try their best to keep you safe from death.

Decision 1-4/10 provides relief from imminent dangers like bees nest’s or rattlesnakes, but they do not provide for common occurrences of da course. Unfortunately having errant balls flying your way is just like life. It’s hit or miss. If you were that scarred, you should have taken an unplayable lie unda Rule 28. You would have taken a penalty stroke

But that’s a small price to pay for making sure you don’t wind up like Joey Gallo.

Big T.

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