July 15, 2010 by  

Tokyo Boat Restaurant

910 Woodstock Road

Roswell , GA 33075

770 993 6646

The Godfather recently has begun to frequent a Japanese restaurant in Roswell, called Tokyo Boat.  Unlike most of these Japanese style restaurants, made famous by the “Benihanah” craze of the 80s., this one was very clean and service was very prompt.  One caution, however, since the establishment is very new their liquor license is still not secured.  In addition to the traditional seating in front of a large grill and entertaining chief that makes volcanoes out of onions and flings pieces of chicken into 7 year old anticipating mouths for target practice, there is a sushi bar off to the side with properly placed flat screen TVs and personable, sushi experts to give suggestions and carve up generous portions.

Perhaps fighting off the old stereotypes of the past, for some reason Godfather always anticipates an “unclean” establishment , in this case Tokyo Boat broke the stero type and had a very , very clean restaurant with reasonable prices, many choices and a great cooking show for all the enjoy

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