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July 2, 2010 by  

Doctor, I feel so tired all the time.”  Lack of energy is one of the most common complaints patients have.  Doctors hear it all the time.  While a medical doctor may recommend “uppers” or stimulant prescription drugs, most simply “self-medicate.”

Every morning, literally tons of coffee and sodas are swallowed by a population needing their morning “fix.”  Donuts along with other sugar filled snacks and junk food are eaten giving us that “high” followed by the mid-morning crash…which is usually followed by another sugar high.  While riding this roller coaster, a person’s health deteriorates.

What Causes Energy Depletion?

     One of the most common causes of energy loss is an imbalance in body structure.  It drains your energy.  How?

Let’s imagine that you carried a bowling ball by your side for a few minutes.  “No problem,” you may say.  But, now move that bowling ball a few inches away from your body and try it.  “Whew, it’s getting heavy,” you might say.  That’s because it takes a lot more energy to hold it away from you.

It’s the same with your body.  If you head, neck, hips, or any other body part were out of alignment even a little bit, along with (gravity), it would drain your energy.  Muscles that are used to keep you upright would be out-of-balance working much harder to tighten and in some cases, even spasm.  While others would be loose and weak.  Pretty exhausting, hunh?

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