New Champions Crowned in 2010

July 30, 2010 by  

After all was said and done this year a new championship team was crowned as The Mayor’s Tournament champs.  We haven’t had repeat winners since Hogan, Nicklaus, Jones and Mantineo pulled it off in 1963, so this is no surprise.

The surpirse however was the winning team. Huge underdogs when the day began, the team was comprised of Todd Godwin, Dave Doering, David Hines, and Chad Tramonte. Knowing them as we all do, there’s no doubt a few foot wedges set up some birdie opportunities.

Outside of the obvious benefits a win like this provides, aka groupies and free hot dogs at the entrance of Home Depot on a spring day, this foursome also received huge trophies for their accomplishment (as seen in photo).

For every winner there’s also a loser. I could be politically correct and say they’re non-winners, but really, this foursome’s picture should be next to the word loser in the dictionary.

The team was comprised of  Joe Massaro, his son Anthony Massaro, Dan Dwyer, and his son Shawn Dwyer.

We will cut this team slack since it was made up of two father-son teams. Rather than getting a trophy, the last place team always gets something more valuable…the honorary pack of toilet paper. Happy wiping.

And finally, we had the $5,000 putt challenge. The object, simple. Bury a putt from 50′ and walk away with five grand. Miss it, and leave your ego on the dance floor. This year’s lucky contestant was Scott Gasparini. Foregoing the advice of the club professional, you know the guy that not only reads greens for a living, but has read this specific one for the past 10 years, Gasparini looked to his neighbor, Chad Tramonte for the line to the hole.

Needless to say, the putt missed on the rookie side and Gasparini was forced to ask others to buy him his $1 draft beers.

Good times had by all, the Mayor hopes you will all come back for more next year!

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