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Chiropractic and Knee Injuries

Most knee injuries are not the full blown “buckling” of the knee (which might require surgery), but much simpler sprain/strains of the knee. These injuries are comprised of muscle spasm, tendonitis and swelling.

We restore normal function to the knee by treating the muscles of the thigh (which attach to the tendons of the knee) as well as treating the tendons of the knee. Most people with knee pain don’t know that their thigh muscles are in involved, but they are! All these muscles of course are attached to the bony structure of the human frame. “A chiropractic specialty.” Structure of the body will almost always dictate the function of the body.
Injuries that require surgery or an orthopedic consult (tearing of ligaments, tendons and meniscus) will be referred out to the appropriate physician.
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Dr. Steven R. Ventimiglia, D.C.

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