Time in New England

March 30, 2010 by  

Hello All,

The birds are chirping,and I’m singing Barry Manalow songs. I’m so lonely I thought I

would do something for you the people on the outside. I will be giving you some inside

trading tips and some stocks.

First, lets looks at a stock we told some of you about when you came to visit me.

Zoom- buy at 6.75 present at 8.00 per share. 200 shares, quartly earning out today.

Ltum- buy at 1.25  down to 1.01 300 shares, they don’t start digging till springtime.

TGX- buy at 1.50 up to 1.66 400 shares don’t get too excited!

SNV- buy at 3.50 up to 3.28 300 shares again don’t get excited again.

I will keep you updated on theses stocks plus new ones each month, why not, I’m not going anywhere for a long while.

By for now!

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