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12050 Etris Rd

Roswell, GA

 The Godfather recently enjoyed Friday night cuisine at a Mexican Restaurant of all places!  The Don of Kennesaw , having relocated to Roswell was very surprised.  Perhaps the greatest quacomoule the Godfather has ever tasted.  This one dish is worth the trip to this establishment all by itself.  The Godfather could visualize just sitting at the bar drinking and having the Tarahmata’s famous guacamole dish!  Another great advantage of the establishment was a small live band that was playing old school music in the bar area, yet could be heard in the dining area.  Not too loud as to drowned out dinner conversation, but a good volume to listen to the song and relax and enjoy while still having a conversation.

 The place just had a new and “upscale” feel to it.   Too many times Mexican joints are like Indian joints , let’s face it, they are NASTY and DIRTY and many times the Godfather can tabulate in his head while visiting the restroom, how many health code violations are present.  This was not the case here, kind of almost a rich and “snooty” stuff shirt atmosphere which would definitely not tolerate that type of establishment.   Observing Lent on Friday, the Godfather had lobster tacos and of course the guacamole which were both fantastic.  Also, having given up beer for Lent, the Godfather had 4 frozen margarita’s with no salt.  The drink was good , but the missed the ball on the glass.  Frozen Margaritas need to be served in fishbowl shaped glass as to not let the frozen portion sing to the bottom.  Besides the misque with the Margarita glass, Godfather gives Tarahumata’s in Roswell a strong 8 and half!   Until next month,  Teamo   !

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