Style Pizza Wars !

March 30, 2010 by  

Kennesaw New York

 Style Pizza Wars !

The Godfather is never surprised by the ability of local restaurants to come on strong in a particular area of a city, just when we think there is no hope.  For those of us who “really” know what NY Style Pizza is, you understand the feeling you get when you miss it and you can especially relate to the joy you experience when you find it.  A few short years ago, there were no, I mean no , nada zero restaurants close the Kennesaw that served the NY Style Pizza.  

It now appears that there is a, “NY Style Pizza WAR” brewing in the Kennesaw area.  There are 3 Pizza Parlors that serve NY Style Pizza now, and they are;  Big Pie in the Sky, Ray’s and Giardino’s Pizza.  Your Godfather will now give you his brief opinion of all three and ranking.

  1. Big Pie in the Sky- still # 1 and growing out of control based upon the difficulty of getting a seat.  Their novelty of the “King Jumbo Pizza” literally too large to fit in through the Godfather’s Cadillac is still a great unique feature of this place that makes it enjoyable.  The key factors to qualify for NY Style pizza are all still present in the pie.  The oil that runs off the cheese, the “thin ness” quality of the slices and the cheese , bread and sauce taste are all right on the mark to maintain the #1 slot.  Godfather gives a strong warning to Big Pie in the Sky; “Do not get too cocky and do not forget the customer service and attention to detail that earned you this rank!”  As many restaurants grow in size they forget what makes the great.  Recently the Godfather has noticed a slight burning on the back of the pizza, poor service, borderline rude non caring attitudes and long wait lines and questionable delivery service.  The attainment of their liquor license for beer has saved them.  A pizza parlor that serves no beer is much like an Italian man who takes orders from his wife… just is not natural!
  2. Ray’s Pizza-   A new establishment on Chastain Road near Taco Back.  Pizza is very good just not quite as good as Pie in the Sky, liquor license is obtained and owner is from the New York area, which is always a plus.  Plenty of room , a great location and a large accommodating bar with wide screen TV placed in great locations.  Service was quick and prices were on the mark.
  3. Giardino’s Pizza-  also a new place, created much like the many thousands of no frills pizza parlors you see in NY/NJ areas.  No liquor license so you can’t get a beer, this must be fixed immediately r Godfather will not return.  Pizza is good , very good.  Oil “ooze” was right up there with the best.  Small place , booths very small, but located right off KSU campus. 


Until next month, be good and stay out of trouble!  The Godfather

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