Caffeine, Deaths and a Reminder

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Caffeine-A Pain In The Head

Many of us rely on that coffee-caffeine kick to get things rolling in the morning.

New research indicates all that caffeine could also bring us to a screeching halt.

It appears that dietary and medicinal caffeine consumption is associated with chronic daily headaches. These new findings indicate this to be true, regardless of the type of chronic headache the person is suffering from.

If you consume moderate to high quantities of caffeine and suffer from chronic headaches, consider lowering your caffeine intake. We also recommend scheduling an appointment to have yourself checked out.

Chiropractors have great results with many types of headaches, including the most common, muscle tension headaches.

SOURCE: Neurology- December 14, 2004; Vol. 63, No. 11

Iatrogenic Death and Injuries

Iatrogenic death and injury is defined by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) as “…induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or medical treatment or diagnosis procedures.”  250,000 people die each year from Iatrogenic causes!  Consider that 60,000 people were killed in the ENTIRE Vietnam War.

And, there are some people who say that health care does not need to be changed?  It’s your health, and you only have one.  Take charge of it!

Venti Chiropractic & Sports Health, the leader in Atlanta chiropractic techniques, would like to remind those of you that have not been to our office in quite some time to not wait until something goes wrong to get checked out.  Stay ahead of the game and maintain your body’s optimal performance.  Call or email for an appointment today!  See you soon!

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