Sa Za Italian Restaurant

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Sa Za Italian Restaurant-  Montgomery , AL

Downtown in the new Alley !

The Godfather has taken notice of a great new downtown development initiative going on in Montgomery, Alabama during the last year.  Anchored by the new Marriott Renaissance Spa & Resort, the downtown Montgomery area is coming to life!   Last week the Godfather had the pleasure of visiting the new Sa Za Italian Restaurant.  I have mentioned before my trouble with Italian restaurants down south, many times they try , but they just don’t get it and they just don’t understand.  Nothing like a stupid young redneck kid with a backward baseball cap on, trying to talk like he is from the New York area, much worse also trying to be Italian.  These characters (normally the ones with the black hair who get brave) attempt to grease their hair back and throw terms out of their mouth like , “forgettabout it” or “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse”…..  please make it stop, and get out of the Godfather’s face!

This place seemed a bit different so I gave it a try.   In a very quick summary, the food was fantastic, but the service was a bad as the food was good.  I mean two very far extremes.  I really am in a dilemma on how to rate this place, and it’s a shame.   We had a party of 5 and waited one hour and 20 minutes and watch countless people walk in before us.  There is no other way to describe it but totally unorganized on no concern for customer service order, or anything.  The gentleman managing the process was either about to quit and was hanging on the last few hours in order to collect a paycheck, stoned or just very low in the ole “gene pool”.  Normally , I would have caused a scene bigger than Ben Hurr, but I was just not in the mood, and we were with some Mormon people who we had just met and we did not want to show them how “rude” we could be.  So we just endured the wait.

The good news, was that the food was outstanding.  I had chopped lobster over angel hair in a very light sauce, and mussels in red marinara sauce as an appetizer.  Both dishes were outstanding.  The clincher was what my friend ordered.  It was called, “Grammas’ Sunday Sauce”  it was pasta, but with it came this great black cast iron pot filled with thick red sauce and sausage and meatballs that tasted literally like my grandmother’s(well almost)…. We also had two bottles of Chianti that were outstanding.  Seating was horrible and there was a slight air of homosexuality among the waiters and some of the décor which was annoying but tolerable.  The bar was large and many TVs with the appropriate sports channels were visible; always a plus with the Godfather.

Bottom-line, a very difficult review because of the horrendous service and “light in the loafers’ service staff, but the food was outstanding.   Godfather says call 3 hours ahead and wait at the bar.

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