The Shadow of My Smile

November 9, 2009 by  

Dear Tony,

I was playing at my friends fancy delancy club when we came to da 14th green which was one of dose particularly tough greens.

After my buddy conferred with his caddie, a fat slob named Dougie Double Chin, he addressed da ball while DDC stood a few feet behind him and to da side. I couldn’t help but notice dat my friends caddie was makin’ a big fat shadow right along da line dat dey had decided to putt on. Sure enough da prick’s putt went straight along da shadow over da hill and into da hole.

Wow!, I didn’t want to embarrass my friend at his club, but felt I’d been had. Was dis legal? Was dis a shakedown from a different clown?

Henry Hill


Dear Henry,

You name sounds like someone I know.

You are correct, your buddies antics and da rules back you up. While he wasn’t touching da green (a more obvious no-no ), his caddie was still violating Rule 8-2b-1 which strictly forbids anyone from indicating da line of a putt while da stroke is being played. Dat should have cost your friend two strokes or atleast a bullet in da kneecap.

But I know, you have to be careful about embarrassin’ certain folks. Especially if you want to live to see the 19th hole.


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