Stefanos Pizza & Subs

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Stefanos Pizza & Subs
30 Chauncy St
Mansfield, MA 02048

While traveling in the Boston area recently,  I was uncommonly early for an appointment en route to visit a customer in Foxboro, MA.  Being from the Northeast area of the country originally, and having actually lived in the Boston area during my childhood, it is always an enjoyable time for me when business dictates my return to the New England area.

I came upon a quaint pizzeria and sub shop called Stefano’s on Chauncey Street in Mansfield , MA which is on the outskirts of Foxboro.

I had an Italian Sub all the way, a cheese slice and a large mountain dew(I awoke that morning at 5 am to catch my 8:00 am flight to Logan and needed the caffeine! They didn’t serve Jolt cola.).  Scrambling as I always do while traveling and getting hit with many of the Massachusetts toll booths, I was running low on cash and only had about 6 bucks in my wallet.  Of course as luck would have it the place did not take credit cards.  This irks me to no end and makes me want to shoot a horse in the head. But I’m older now, more mature.

Since I was on my way to see a customer I was “suited up” pretty nicely. After giving me the once over the proprietor behind the counter offered to accept a check. I then looked at him and said, “Out of state?” He asked , “You got a license?” I said, “Yes.”  We struck a deal like Northeasterners do.  The total bill was $9. 87 and I wrote the check for 14 bucks (ed note: the Don is generous with his checkbook, especially when he’s hungry).

The pizza was worth the hassle.  Many of you have heard me describe the love I have for NY style pizza and attempt to put into words what exactly goes into NY style pizza.  The cheese and bread obviously have to be right, but also the oil that pools up in the crevasses of the slice and then drip out onto the plate, and even the underside of the bread, which must have that certain taste. Add it all up, this place had it.

The Italian sub I ordered was also good, but not as good as the pizza.  A large pizza with four toppings was $13.25 and a garden salad was $4.50, just to give you an idea of the prices.  The establishment had about ten tables, 60s music playing faintly from the back of the kitchen and one small older TV in the corner near the ceiling.  Everything in the place appeared to have a small nostaligic film of grease on it, in a good way not a bad way , if that makes any sense.

A cop came in and was just as one would imagine; white haired of Irish decent and spoke with a rough Boston accent. His father was most likely a cop as well.  Three tough looking guys followed later. They were doing road construction, tattooed, smokers, and most likely pro-union. A very quick conversation was heard about a Red Sox trade and how the Patriots were 4 and 2.  Another tough looking guy came in with a Boston Bruin tee shirt on. Yes, it was an unseasonably warm day in Boston which appeared to make most of the patrons forget about their pathetic lives trapped in an overtaxed, under employed city that had seen its better days. The typically horrific winter season was soon to come, but not on this day, and that was just as well for these folks.

What made Stefano’s great was that it was so normal and typical Boston, no travelers except me, no tourists, just Boston people.  The place was not a chain.  No  wi-fi, just a lot of people saying  Caaaaar and Paaaaark.

Until next month…

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