Singing In Da Rain

August 3, 2009 by  

Dear Tony,

I was on the green and da rain started coming down like cats and dogs. So I decided to putt my ball wit one hand on da putter and held the umbrella wit da utter.

My partner said I was cheatin’ becauseI was blockin’ myself and my ball from da elements. I told the S%$#^&^% as long as someone else wasn’t holding da umbrella for me I was clear. Whaddya dink!

Leo Layman

Dear Leo,

Dats the best umbrella story I’ve heard since Gene Kelly was singin’ da rain.

Rule 14-2a states you can’t make any strokes while accepting protection from your buddy holding your umbrella while yous putt. However, unda Rule 14-2/2, you are not prohibited from protecting yourself from da elements. Unfortunately Big Pussy should have taken the Witness Protection Plan instead of going fishin a while ago.  Just dink of it dis way, dere’s no rule saying your buddy can’t hold your beer can while your putting.

Or your putter while you’re drinkin’. Not dat dere’s anythin’ wrong wit dat.


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