Twinkle Toes

June 2, 2009 by  

Dear Mr. T,

It was a glorious day on the golf course as I approached a long eagle putt on a short par 5. I couldn’t see the hole, so after I hit the ball, I followed it toward the cup. I got there just as the ball did and when it started to slow near the hole. I jokingly stamped my foot to help the ball go in. Well guess what? It went in!

As I left the green I was wondering whether my Irish Jig actually caused it to go in the hole.

Tony, was I correct in giving my self an eagle? Please set my conscience straight.

- Twinkle Toes


Dear Twinkle Toes,

According ta Rule 1.2.4, if da ball was still moving when you did your Jig, I hate to tell ya my friend, but dat’s a two stoke penalty.

Dis is because your action coulda influenced da movement of da ball. Now if da ball was at rest when youse did your jig, den it’s a one stroke penalty and you have ta replace da ball.

Now again if it was not possible ta tell whedda it was moving or not, da rulez ain’t kind here either. It’s presumed to be moving if it can’t be determined dat it was at rest. So instead of your eagle you get a par. Kapish?

My advice…save da jig for da next dead body you see.


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