The Old Rake & Bunker Story

June 2, 2009 by  

Dear Tony,

One of my competitors hit a shot that stopped up against a rake just above a sand trap. Because of the slope, the ball would have rolled into the bunker if the rake was moved. So what my buddy does is use his wedge to strike the rake’s handle which propelled his ball onto the green. I told him he could only strike the ball with the club head and he should take a stroke penalty.

Tell me I’m right and I win a bet against this creative douche.

Raked Over the Coals


Dear Raked Over,

Well, well, well, if it ain’t da old hit-the-rake-dats-blocking-da-ball-from-da-bunker-and-knocking-it-on-da-green trick. If I seen it once, I seen it over a hundred times. Short answer…it sucks to be you.

Your buddy played the ball fairly per Rule 14-1, even though an object intervened between the club head and da ball (Rule 14-1-5 ).

He also could have removed the rake and replaced da ball if it moved (Rule 24-1A).

If da ball failed to come to rest on da spot and kept rolling into the bunker, he would have had to replace it at the nearest spot where it would come to rest, but that is not nearest to da hole and not in da bunker.

Face it, your friend is better den you, smarter den you, and I’d bet, more successful den you.


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