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June 15, 2009 by  

Bring it onThe Mayor’s Tournament is happy to announce that we have completed the registration process and are completely booked.

We will have twelve foursomes ready to go this Saturday to vie for The Mayor’s Trophy, uhm, trophy.  Below are the groupings and the tee times.

We advise getting to the course early, hitting your bucket of balls and mentally preparing for a long day ahead.

The only restriction on the rules is that each player’s drive must be used once per nine. That’s right, this means you need to use your crappiest player’s drive twice in the day.

Report to the office when you get to the course.  You’ll be provided a token for a free bucket of balls. Lunch will be provided at the turn.

The ‘buzz’ around this year’s tournament is the chance to take a $5,000 putt. We will have a raffle that will cost $5 per ticket to enter. Remember, all proceeds go to the kids except your winnings, so enter early and enter often.

The lucky player chosen will have a chance to sink a very makeable 50 foot putt for $5K. Having the other forty-seven tournament participants watching you will make it even easier. We all await for the free rounds of drinks.


Tom Campbell


John Frederickson

Leo MacDonald

Chad Tramonte

Bob Winnie

Horst Hoefinger

Ken Scruby

John Stafford


Jody Paul


David Cutter

Dean Dutton

Ryan Kerr

Shon Rollins

Tony Fordham

Warren McArthur

Anthony Armstrong


Bill McBride


Tim Hutchinson

Nick McBride

Tim Scott

Robert Kennedy

Dennis LeBar

Jim Roman

Jason Causey


Joe Massaro


Matt Avery

Anthony Massaro

Shaun Dwyer

Dave Doering

Dan Dwyer

Scott Gasparini

Kevin Seacrest


John Mereider


Todd Godwin

Todd McPherson

David Hines

Rick Johnson

Mike Glancy

John Parks

Steve Sills


Bill Collins


Steve Ventimiglia

Jeremy Soninlaw

Mike Ventimiglia

John Lousteau

Brandon Fuzi

Ryan Crest

Mark Gurriel

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