Papi’s – Very Cuban & Very Good

May 4, 2009 by  

Make mine a CubanAt the suggestion of a neighbor I recently had the opportunity to treat a friend to lunch at Papi’s Cuban Restaurant located at 745 Chastain Road in Kennesaw, GA.

Again, my three primary criterion for rating restaurants is; Service, Food Quality and Price to Value ratio.  Papi’s rates very good to excellent in all three areas.

Although I attended the restaurant for lunch at 1:30, the service was still excellent.  Waiters greeted us at the door and then again within 2 minutes at the table with menus and a readiness to take our drink order.  Both my guest and I ordered “Papi’s Cuban Sandwich (which I am crazy for).  The amount of food and size of the sandwich was very generous.  The flavor of the sandwich was outstanding.  We also ordered some plantain chips and black beans which were also plentiful and tasty.

Also, of an interesting note; Papi’s being located on Chastain Road is part of the growing Kennesaw State University’s growing section of college type bar restaurants, which has the added benefit of packing itself with nice looking women, easy women, which always adds to the excitement of the atmosphere.  Papi’s at 1:30 on a Thursday afternoon had plenty of females to compliment the good food.

We ate outside (something I normally don’t do because The Don don’t like no flies, wind and car noises that interrupt cell phone calls from the boss when you take a long lunch etc) and the outside dining area was great!

The bill came to $24.00 with tip, for two Cubans , and plantain chips and rice and beans.  Just a little bit on the high side, but not too much to complain about due to the generous portions.  Inside area was very nice, new , clean and lots of space.  Bar area is spacious and lots of flat screen TVs.

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