Somtin Fishy

April 1, 2009 by  

Sometin Smells FishyDear Tony,

While standing on the tee box, I noticed that my arch enemy Lou Cabrazzi was placing his left foot against the tee marker, which was a large block of wood. Almost like da piece of metal that kept the door open at da Luftunsia Air Freight office at JFK airport in New York.

Lou did this on each tee box to help stabilize his stance, dis didn’t seem legal ta me, so I called him on it. Lou said in some ancient Sicilian accent dat dere ain’t nothin in da Rule Book saying he couldn’t do dat.

Is he correct?

Pauly Walnuts

Dear Pauly,

Believe it or not, there is nothing in da Rules of Golf dat prohibits a person of Mr. Cabrazzi’s stature as described. As long as Louie did not cause the tee marker to move while taking his stance. If he did cause da wood to move den he wood incur a two stroke penalty unda Rule 13-2.

Oh by da way, that piece of metal holding open the door at the JFK facility turned out to be a sixteen pound gold bullion that was stolen from Luftunsia back in 1977 in the Great Luftunsia Heist and is worth about two hundred fiddy thousand dollars in today’s money.

And dey said dat Tony don’t know no mat.


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