Plugs not Thugs

April 1, 2009 by  

Dear Tony,
As me and my business associates was playing da ninth hole at Augusta National, I noticed an old cup hole in my line or path.

Da f$#&*@ groundskeeper hadn’t pushed da plug down into da hole and da plug coulda popped my ball off line. I moved my ball over to da nearest clear spot nearest to the spot of da plug.

Was dis da right move?

Anally Retentive

Dear Anal,

Rule 16-1c/3 lets yous raise or lower da plug to level it wit da level of da surface. Da alternative would be to get da course official to do it since you musta paid a lot of scaroll to play in Augusta.

Da decision also entitles you to relief unda Rule 25-1b(iii). “Not relief yourself or da cource” which states you can lift and place your ball without any penalty to da nearest point of relief not in a hazard or not any nearer to da hole.

Gots dat?

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