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The Sauce is Killer

Sullivan’s Steakhouse- Charlotte North Carolina

A favorite place of mine while doing business in the Charlotte, NC area is Sullivan’s Steakhouse. As a traveling Global Accounts Manager in sales a consistent part of my job is to locate restaurants and taverns that not only have good food and service, but that also have particular “atmosphere” for various types of clients I may entertain at any given moment.

The bible thumping Protestant for example may not be too found of a loud drinking establishment with lots of single ladies for example. The young single college grad may be looking forward, however to visiting a waterhole which has just that type of atmosphere. During the course of any given year I am typically out of town about 50 nights a year and travel through out North America and on a rare occasion to Europe.

At 45 years of age, and traveling and entertaining for better than 20 years, some may say my opinion and feeling about certain restaurants, bars and nightclubs I frequent during my travels may be of interest to some, so out of “respect” for my good friend Joe Mantineo I have agreed to begin writing a monthly column for the “Mayor’s Website” called; Dinner with the Don.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC will be the first of such reviews.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse, although it is a chain restaurant, earns a strong eight gun shots to the back of the head out of ten rating. What makes the place most enjoyable to me is the bar atmosphere on Thursday night, which features great Martini specials and lures in a great mid 30s to early 40s crowd of good looking professional women that give the bar the feeling of being at the “in” place at the time. The wait for a table was less than 15 minutes with no reservation. The array of entrees was excellent, however obscenely over-priced. The waiter knew his menu and took orders by memory (which is always good unless they foo it up and they always foo it up- but he did not). The waiter’s “up sell technique” was too forward and almost annoying to the point where I almost had to say back the foo off the extras will you please. Overall for the most part Sullivan’s is what I look for in a masculine steakhouse; dark wood, great steak, good service and an “action packed crowd”

If you are on an expense account and can tolerate a little talkative and selling waiter, you should really enjoy a night at Sullivan’s. Until next month, this is Don Massaro signing off.

Eight Bullets Outta Ten

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