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Pestban1025 Rose Creek Dr.
Suite 620-336
Woodstock, GA 30189
Phone: 770.592.1121
Fax: 770.592.1150

General Info:
General Manager: Al Forrette, Ext. 103

Why a “Built-In” system?

Wall voids of homes are breeding grounds for bugs. Ants, roaches, scorpions and many other pests live, nest, reproduce and travel secretly in these hidden areas. Plumbing pipes and electrical wiring provide a source of needed moisture and means of travel from room to room.

Traditionally, pest control companies have struggled with various methods of effectively treating these hidden areas. The solution was brought to the Atlanta new home market in 1995 with the Pestban Built-In Pest Control System.

Once this system is installed, you will no longer need to be home for quarterly pest control service since service is provided from the outside.

Pestban’s Built-In Pest Control System allows homeowners to choose the most effective, safest and convenient pest control system available today.

Mayor’s Tournament participants agree the best way to protect our investment is from the inside out. If you’re going to kill pests effectively, go with a proven system that works.

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