Don’t Tees Me

February 24, 2009 by  

Go Ahead, Pick Up Dat TeeDear Tony,

The other day as I walked up to the 9th hole, I noticed a player before me had left a performance tee on the ground.

I recognized it and knew it was legal, so I decided to leave it right where it was and tee my ball on it.

My friend said that what I was doing was illegal because technically I was using another player’s equipment.

Tony, was I right or what?

Tee’d Off in Acworth

Hey, Tee’d Off in Acwert,

Da main rule in golf, like in life, states you never, ever touch another man’s club or his woman. But your question is his tee, so let’s get to that.

Rule 4-4a prohibits a player from borrowing clubs from another on the course. However, rule 5-1-5 allows a player to borrow things like balls, towells, gloves and tees.

As long as the tee is as legal as my chop shop, you were right to use it.

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